Episode 9: Waterloo

This week guest host Cameron Reilly and Martin examine the 1970 epic Waterloo and argue about who actually won the battle.
(There is a stereo split for the first 29 minutes. We hope it’s not too distracting!)

Author: History by Hollywood

A podcast series examining the real events and people behind fact-based movies

4 thoughts on “Episode 9: Waterloo”

  1. Great episode. I loved the ‘difference of opinion’ and ‘lively verbal exchange’ between Martin and Cameron. Keep up the great work. Excuse me while I go run and watch next episode’s movie.


    1. Hi B2B5, I just spoke to Cam and the documentary is in post-production. They’re still seeking some extra funding but he expects it out in around three month’s time. I’m looking forward to it as well; he got some great guests on board.


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