Episode 24: Dunkirk

Episode 23: The World’s Fastest Indian

Episode 22b: Spartacus (Part Two)

Episode 22a: Spartacus (Part One)

Episode 21: Supplementary 2 The Ones That Got Away

Episode 20: Seabiscuit

Episode 19: Glory

Episode 18: Apollo 13

Episode 17: Selma

Episode 16: Deepwater Horizon

Episode 15: Good Morning Vietnam

Episode 14: Cleopatra

Episode 13: Amadeus

Episode 12 (Supplementary 1): Music in the Movies

Episode 11: Pocahontas

Episode 10: Hidden Figures

Episode 9: Waterloo

Episode 8: Zulu

Episode 7: Bridge of Spies

Episode 6: Mutiny on the Bounty

Episode 5: The Dambusters

Episode 4: 300

Episode 3: The Sound of Music

Episode 2: Rush

Episode 1: Gladiator

Episode 0: Introduction to History by Hollywood

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