Planned Episodes

Sunday 3rd June: Saving Mr Banks. This is the 2013 movie starring Emma Thompson as PL Travers, the author of Mary Poppins and Tom Hanks as Walt Disney showing the prolonged charm offensive Disney undertook toward Ms Travers in an attempt to persuade her to agree to selling him the movie rights. I guess we know how successful he proved but how accurate is the movie in showing how he got there?

Sunday 1st July: Mrs Brown. After our month-long summer break we return with 1997’s movie showing the friendship between Queen Victoria played by Judy Dench and John Brown, a ghillie (gamekeeper) on her Balmoral estate played by Billy Connelly. Some have said that the friendship was more of a romance, others that John Brown was a simple man who offered friendship without motive or agenda. We’ll attempt to work out which the movie suggests and which is most likely the true interpretation.

Sunday 15th July: Battle of Britain. Martin flies solo again (please forgive the repeated pun) as he covers 1969’s classic British war film starring too many superstars to list here. There will be another rant although not about flight dynamics this time and there will also be a controversial suggestion. Made only 24 years after the war’s end, did propaganda and nationalistic pride skew the movie’s accuracy or was it an honest portrayal of the events of that fateful summer in 1940?

Sunday 29th July: Victoria and Abdul. 2017 saw Judy Dench return to character as Queen Victoria. The movie starts four years after the death of John Brown as we see the growing friendship between Victoria and an Indian Muslim civil servant, Abdul Karim. His closeness to the Queen arouses jealousy and resentment within her household yet she is steadfast in her support for Abdul. Our challenge will be unravelling the true sentiments of both Victoria and Abdul along with the other characters involved, including heir to the throne Prince Albert (who would take the name King Edward VII on the death of his mother).

Sunday 12th August: What’s Love Got To Do With It. The 1993 biopic of Ike and Tina Turner, played by Laurence Fishburn and Angela Bassett, both nominated for Oscars in Best Actor/Actress categories, Bassett winning a Golden Globe for her role. A powerful movie, detailing the rise to stardom of the couple, eventually giving Tina the strength to leave her abusive husband. However, the movie was made using her own autobiography as its primary source so we have to examine the facts and decide if this was a true account of their career and relationship.

Sunday 26th August: …… suggestions welcomed!