Episode 34: The Battle of Britain

Episode 34: The Battle of Britain
Released in 1969, directed by Guy Hamilton and starring nearly everyone who’s anyone in 1960’s British cinema, this epic war movie used mainly real aircraft and some of the most complex and intense aerial sequences seen on screen. Our task is to examine how accurately the battle and its legacy are portrayed; historical record or pro-British propaganda? Martin will also highlight the almost total eradication from the accepted narrative of WW2 of the contribution made by Poland and, hopefully, fill in some gaps whilst dispelling some myths. We hope you enjoy the show

For Your Freedom and For Ours: The Kosciuszko Squadron by Lynne Olson and Stanley Cloud



Also known as A Question of Honor: The Kosciuszko Squadron by the same authors



The Trail of Hope: The Anders Army and an odyssey across Three Continents by Norman Davies



No Greater Ally: The Untold Story of Poland’s Forces in WW2 by Kenneth Koskodan



Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall



Battle of Britain: The Making of a Movie by Leonard Mosley link and extracts, courtesy of listener Brian Willits:



Page 8 9Page 50 51Page 52Page 78 79Page 80 81Page 85

Episode 32: Saving Mr Banks

Episode 32: Saving Mr Banks. We pick apart the charming drama of 2013’s movie, starring Emma Thompson as PL Travers, the author of Mary Poppins and Tom Hanks as Walt Disney, enthusiastically pursuing the movie rights to the book and the conflicts that this deal brought. Juxtaposed with some pathos provided by scenes of PL Travers’ childhood, this humorous movie was made by the Disney Corporation so was it a PR exercise or did they get gritty with the truth?

Episode 31: Supplementary 3 TV Special

Episode 31: Supplementary 3 TV Special
This week we examine five TV series, all of which are based on or around factual events and people. Band of Brothers; Rome; Black Sails; Peaky Blinders; Turn are our subjects and we give an overview of the subject matter whilst trying to avoid spoilers and then assess the historical accuracy of each series.



Band of Brothers:

The real Easy Company (or at least a few of them):

1 Easy Company

Richard Winters:

1a Winters

Herbert Sobel

Herbert Sobel

Peaky Blinders: a few of the real gang

4 Real Peaky Blinders for website



Episode 30: In the Heart of the Sea

Episode 30: In the Heart of the Sea. This week we set sail with Ron Howard’s 2015 whaling epic, following the fortunes of the whaling ship Essex as she sails from Nantucket to the Pacific in the early 1800’s, a voyage that inspired Herman Melville to write Moby Dick. Starring Chris Hemsworth, Brendan Gleason, Tom Holland, Benjamin Walker and Cillian Murphy, the movie throws up some fascinating insights into a whaler or sailor’s life two hundred years ago but how much did they get right? Have a listen to find out and if you do, we hope you enjoy the ride.


Nathaniel Philbrick’s wonderful book of the same title can be found here (as most of our listeners are American we’ve used the US Amazon site but from here you can find it on your preferred outlet by using author/title/ISBN number):

Episode 29: Lincoln

Episode 29: Lincoln. This week we take on the Steven Spielberg 2012 movie about the final four months of Abraham Lincoln’s Presidency. Starring the always-impressive Daniel Day-Lewis in the title role, wonderfully supported by Sally Field and Tommy Lee-Jones, how close did the movie come to the real events surrounding the passing of the 13th Amendment enshrining the abolition of slavery into the American Constitution? Tune in to find out…

Episode 28: Evita

Episode 28: Evita. This week we look at the 1996 movie of the Lloyd-Webber/Rice musical following the short, dramatic life of Eva Peron, aka Evita starring Madonna in the title role ably supported by Antonio Banderas who, it transpires, can really sing. Turbulent times in Argentina are depicted to song but did the writers get anywhere near the truth of this enigmatic woman? Martin has another rant but as ever, Andrew proves to be the calming influence of the team. We hope you enjoy the show.