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  1. I recently found your podcast and I an quite pleased with it so far. Hollywood has a long history of taking true stories and making movies out of them and it is pretty cool to see people discussing what they got right or wrong and perhaps why they chose to omit certain things. I am especially looking forward to the Gallipoli episode. It is one of my favorite movies and even though I know the main characters are fictional their stories are probably pretty close to real soldiers in the war. I would like to make a few suggestions for further episodes too.

    Outlaw King – About Robert the Bruce between the execution of Wallace and his first major victory a number of years later.

    Cinderella Man – I saw you did Seabiscuit so I assume you’re not against sports related movies and this one in the same vein about a down on his luck former contender James J Braddoxk getting a second chance against the back drop of the Great Depression

    The Favourite – Not sure if this falls into the premise of the show but given that the characters are all real people and that many of the events and intrigue are real I thought this one might be fun to take a look at.

    Keep up the great work

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    1. Thank you for your encouraging words Christina. Regarding your recommendations, Outlaw King has been rather panned for its historical accuracy and we are about to see another Bob the Bruce movie released (I’m pretty sure it’s just called Robert the Bruce) which stars Angus MacFayden in the title role nearly 25 years after he played the same role in Braveheart. Both films will definitely feature, maybe in a joint episode. Cinderella Man is also somewhere on the long list but will probably have to defer to Raging Bull in taking its turn. The Favourite is definitely high up the list. Neither Andrew nor Martin have yet seen the movie but it’s certainly making a stir on the awards circuit. Watch this space!


      1. Will have to try and find Robert the Bruce. I loved Angus in Braveheart so it would be interesting to see him reprise that role, as it were, 25 years later.

        I would also recommend Invictus and if a biopic of an infamous but somewhat forgotten pop culture figure is applicable I would suggest Lenny, about comedian Lenny Bruce, but that may be a bit too obscure for your audience


  2. Robert the Bruce is still in post-production so should release later this year. Invictus is definitely on the list and Lenny has been suggested but would fall into the ‘obscure niche movie’ category so may feature in a supplementary special at some stage (I haven’t seen it but it sounds good).


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