Episode 9: Waterloo

This week guest host Cameron Reilly and Martin examine the 1970 epic Waterloo and argue about who actually won the battle.
(There is a stereo split for the first 29 minutes. We hope it’s not too distracting!)

In this week’s show Martin is joined by the Podfather, Cameron Reilly as they examine the 1970 epic Waterloo and argue about who actually won. It’s long but we hope it’s fun

Nick Parkinson provided this link to the article “Why the French think they won the Battle of Waterloo”:


Author: History by Hollywood

A podcast series examining the real events and people behind fact-based movies

4 thoughts on “Episode 9: Waterloo”

  1. Great episode. I loved the ‘difference of opinion’ and ‘lively verbal exchange’ between Martin and Cameron. Keep up the great work. Excuse me while I go run and watch next episode’s movie.


    1. Hi B2B5, I just spoke to Cam and the documentary is in post-production. They’re still seeking some extra funding but he expects it out in around three month’s time. I’m looking forward to it as well; he got some great guests on board.


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