Planned Episodes

23rd February 2020. Episode 70.2 The Social Network Part 2 . This week sees us dive into the main body of the show for which we are joined by software engineer and HbH’s theme music composer Jules Cisek who has some fascinating insights into the world of IT and Silicone Valley, primed to hit us all with large dollops of factainment. Fabulously watchable though The Social Network is, we will keep our eye on any divergence from the known facts.

1st March 2020. Episode 70.3 The Social Network Part 3. Join Martin and guest-host Jules as story continues as the Winklevoss brothers turn up the heat on their efforts to stop Mark Zuckerberg developing his Facebook concept, still complaining that he had stolen their idea and we meet Sean Parker, portrayed by the annoyingly talented Justin Timberlake who leaps aboard the Facebook bandwagon, much to the irritation of Eduardo Saverin.

8th March 2020. Episode 70.4 The Social Network Part 4. Spoiler-free preview: Martin and Jules arrive at the conclusion of the movie, examine both its accuracy and entertainment but stress that despite the very high entertainment value, as far as provoking thought and discussion about wider topics, this movie is far greater than the sum of its parts. It’s been a lengthy journey, the total coverage actually exceeding the length of the movie but we believe that it’s a movie that warrants such detailed examination. We hope that you agree.

15th March 2020: Episode 71 Denial. Rachel Weisz and Timothy Spall star as historian Deborah Lipstadt and author David Irving. Called out for his Holocaust denying, Irving sued Lipstadt and Penguin Books; this movie tells the story of the January 2000 trial and the evidence brought forward. Whilst many had dismissed Irving as a deluded crackpot, he managed to be taken seriously enough for some people to listen. This movie should give us plenty of material into which we can really sink our HbH teeth. 

29th March 2020*. Episode 72. The People vs Larry Flynt. Whatever people think about Flynt, the founder of Hustler magazine, he fought a number of legal battles for the right to publish which effectively became a battle for the right to free speech. This 1996 movie resonates today as we will use it as a vehicle to examine the conundrum of where the reasonable right to free speech ends and incitement to hatred or causing gross public offence begins. 

12th April 2020*. Episode 73. The Coal Miner’s Daughter. This biopic of country singer Loretta Lynn won Sissy Spacek a Best Actress Oscar. We will examine both the movie and the tough life lived by this icon of country music. 

26th April 2020* Episode 74. The Highwaymen. Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson star as the retired Texas Rangers who finally brought the crime sprees of Bonny and Clyde to an end. 

10th May 2020* Episode 75. The Two Popes. A very contemporary and topical take on the leadership of the Catholic Church with Jonathon Pryce starring as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a senior Argentinian church official, attempting to tend his resignation to Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger, played by Anthony Hopkins. Their discussions, set in a time that saw the Catholic Church wracked by scandals and cover-ups lead to a crucial decision about the direction of the Church; maintain traditional values or accept the need to reform and modernise. 

24th May 2020* Episode 76. Midway. The story of this crucial WW2 naval air battle has been projected onto cinema and television screens several times over the past 70 years. There are several elements that make this story stand out, not least that it was the first major naval battle in which no-one on board a ship ever saw any enemy ships, all the action being carried out by aircraft. This latest effort has been panned by critics yet seems beloved by audiences. We’ll examine how accurately the movie follows the real events and, of course, we’ll rate it for our perception of its entertainment value. This episode was originally planned earlier in the year but we felt that this would have allowed insufficient time for listeners who missed it at the cinema to watch it via a streaming service. 

7th June 2020*. Episode 77. Ford v Ferrari. This movie starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon continues to wow critics and audiences alike, telling the story of how a small American car-tuning expert in Carroll Shelby joined up with maverick British race driver Ken Miles to take on the might of Ferrari at the 1966 Le Mans 24 hour race. Apparently, it’s quite good! Like Midway, this episode was originally planned earlier in the year but we felt that this would have allowed insufficient time for listeners who missed it at the cinema to watch it via a streaming service. 

*Publication dates may vary depending on the number of shows used for the preceding movie episode.