Planned Episodes

We missed our deadline and not for the first time. Unfortunately Martin had to move house at fairly short notice so the promised episode is on hold yet again. As soon as we are able, we will get it up to you but realistically, this may be after the summer break, around late August. We’re very sorry for our continued absence but it’s life getting in the way again.

Coming to a podcatcher near you soon: History by Hollywood is coming back to life (we really need a Pink Floyd/Dave Gilmour soundtrack to that statement) with a new episode featuring your usual hosts, Andrew and Martin. We’re hoping to research, record and publish before the end of June and there will be some reasonably-significant announcements made during the same show. Watch this space and thank you for your continued patience.

7th March 2021: Just Mercy. Referenced in Thoughts & Themes 2, this powerful film stars Michael B Jordan as Bryan Stevenson, a civil rights lawyer seeking to overturn the conviction and death sentence that an Alabama court had awarded to Walter McMillan (Jamie Foxx). It’s a movie that is gripping and packs a powerful punch but how much license has been taken with the facts?

Date to be confirmed: The Two Popes. Anthony Hopkins and Jonathon Pryce star as Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Bergoglio respectively in this 2017 movie looking at relatively recent turmoil in the highest ranks of the Catholic Church.