Planned Episodes

12th & 19th January 2020. Episode 68 Shakespeare at the Cinema: Henry V & Richard III. The first half of this episode sees Martin flying solo and looking at Kenneth Brannagh’s 1989 adaptation of Henry V, a far grittier version than Sir Laurence Olivier’s 1944 effort. Olivier will feature in the second half of our show however, as we look at his Richard III, released in 1955. For this episode we are delighted to be joined by Derek Birks, host of the Wars of the Roses Podcasts and an author of historical fiction from the same period. We chose these two plays as they’re among The Bard’s best-known historical plays and they bookend the Wars of the Roses. How close to the plays do the movie’s stick and, by extension, does this make them more or less historically accurate than we might expect from a modern telling of the stories?  We thank listener and friend of the show Dr Phil Pomerantz for inspiring this episode. 

26th January and 2nd February 2020. Episode 68 Frost/Nixon. This time out we’re examining 2008’s movie detailing the extraordinary interview between David Frost, a British broadcaster and journalist with President Richard Nixon in which the President made some startling statements about his Presidency and his attitude to leading the United States. 

9th February 2020*. The Social Network. Mark Zuckerberg and the genesis of Facebook is the topic of this week’s show, featuring a guest host who was not only part of the Californian software industry at the time of the movie’s setting but knows some of the people involved. 

23rd February 2020*. Midway. This 2019 movie was panned by critics, their habitual response to movies directed by Roland Emmerich who’s only previous efforts with any critical credit being Independence Day and The Patriot. However, audiences love it so we will take our HbH magnifying glass to the detail and accuracy as well as entertainment. The real story of this WW2 Pacific naval battle is a dramatic one so we will see how well it has been portrayed. 

08th March 2020*: Denial. Rachel Weisz and Timothy Spall star as historian Deborah Lipstadt and author David Irving. Called out for his Holocaust denying, Irving sued Lipstadt and Penguin Books; this movie tells the story of the January 2000 trial and the evidence brought forward. Whilst many had dismissed Irving as a deluded crackpot, he managed to be taken seriously enough for some people to listen. This movie should give us plenty of material into which we can really sink our HbH teeth. 

22nd March 2020*. Ford v Ferrari. This movie starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon continues to wow critics and audiences alike, telling the story of how a small American car-tuning expert in Carroll Shelby joined up with maverick British race driver Ken Miles to take on the might of Ferrari at the 1966 Le Mans 24 hour race. Apparently, it’s quite good!

*Publication dates may vary depending on the number of shows used for the preceding movie episode.