Planned Episodes

Sunday 27th October*. Episode 64: First Man. Ryan Gosling stars as Neil Armstrong in this detailed look at the man and his life leading up to the first moon landing.

Sunday 10th November*. Episode 65: Monster. A transformed Charlize Theron stars as American down-and-out Aileen Wuoron who turned her anger at the cards life had dealt into a literally murderous rage. Ms Theron’s performance earned her the Best Actress Oscar and it’s a compelling movie. We will examine how close to the known facts the storyline manages to stay.

Sunday 24th November*. Episode 66: The Untouchables.  In a change to the previously published subject for this episode we have taken a decision to stick with Kevin Costner (one of the leads of The Highwaymen although he didn’t appear in Black Hawk Down) but to go back to his earlier days and a higher profile role, playing Elliot Ness who led the drive to take down Al Capone in Prohibition-era Chicago. Also starring Sean Connery and Robert de Niro as Al Capone, we will see how close the movie stays to the real story of the Untouchables. 

Sunday 8th December 2019*. Episode 67 The Insider. We tackle our third Russel Crowe movie as he stars as Jeffrey Wigand, a tobacco industry whistle-blower who works with Lowell Bergman played by Al Pacino, a journalist. Directed by Michael Mann, it was universally praised by critics and audiences, this being one of the few movies that rates over 90% from both. 

22nd December 2019*. Episode 68 Frost/Nixon. This time out we’re examining 2008’s movie detailing the extraordinary interview between David Frost, a British broadcaster and journalist with President Richard Nixon in which the President made some startling statements about his Presidency and his attitude to leading the United States. 

*Publication dates may vary depending on the number of shows used for the preceding movie episode.