Planned Episodes

Sunday 24th March 2019: Episode 51: Bonnie and Clyde. This 1967 movie, starring Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty in the title roles is now seen as a cinematic classic but it took a while to get going on release. Based on the 1930’s criminal activities of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, the charismatic portrayals by Dunaway and Beatty have created myths and legends that are difficult to separate from the real facts. Difficult but not impossible, as we hope to discover and share with you in this episode which sees Andrew flying solo.

Sunday 7th April 2019: Episode 52: The Right Stuff. Stunning visuals, gritty performances by a very capable cast and a soaring score elevate this detailed look at America’s side of the space race to cult-status heights. From breaking the sound barrier to the first human to orbit the earth, this movie portrays the leaps of faith that had to be taken and the intense dangers that were endured to fulfil America’s ambition to lead the way out of our atmosphere. To examine this epic movie we are delighted to be joined by Sean Munger, host of The Second Decade podcast, teacher, author and son of a USAF pilot so with a unique insight into life on dusty Air Force bases. It’s a big movie and a big episode. We hope you enjoy it.

Sunday 21st April 2019: Episode 53: Gallipoli. Mark Lee is cast alongside a young Mel Gibson doing what he does best; playing a tough, cheeky and likeable character in this depiction of the disastrous Allied invasion of the Dardenelles peninsular during WW1. The movie focuses on the experience of the ANZAC troops in a campaign that would have a huge impact on both Australia and New Zealand, an impact still felt today.

Sunday 5th May…. sadly we’re going to have to take a break for this month due to house-moves and other life-related activities.

Sunday 19th May 2019: Episode 54: I, Tonya. Starring Margot Robbie in the title role, this 2017 movie follows the story of Tonya Harding, a naturally gifted figure skater from the wrong side of the tracks and details her rivalry with Nancy Kerrigan, very much from the right side of the tracks. A rivalry that culminated in a physical assault on Kerrigan, the movie attempts to flesh out the pantomime villain that Tonya Harding became in the aftermath of the attack. Very highly rated by critics and audiences alike, we will examine how close the movie comes to the known facts.

Sunday 2nd June 2019: Bohemian Rhapsody. The 2018 movie portraying the rise of rock band Queen, especially the journey travelled by lead singer Freddie Mercury has been panned by critics but loved by audiences. An Oscar-nominated portrayal of Freddie by actor Rami Malek stands out in the film as we try to separate fact from fiction.

Sunday 16th June: The Great Escape. A perennial favourite, this WW2 boys-own adventure movie features some memorable performances and a dramatic prison-break from a German POW camp. Based on a book by Paul Brickhill (author of The Dambusters and Reach for the Sky) who was a POW in the same camp at the time of the break-out, we will examine how much is true and how much has been Hollywoodized.

Sunday 30th June: The Favourite. The movie that won Olivia Coleman an Oscar for her portrayal of Queen Anne and detailing the vicious rivalry that developed between two of her close confidantes, Sarah Churchill and Abigail Masham as they fight to get close to the Queen. Loved by critics, liked by audiences, we will attempt to unravel the known truth from the dramatic embellishments.

Sunday 14th July: Kingdom of Heaven. This much maligned take on the Crusades in the late 12th Century follows a knight, Balian d’Ibelin (Orlando Bloom) on his journey to the Holy Land and then to the devastating defeat at the hands of Saladin and his army at the battle of Hattin. Released in 2005 and directed by veteran Ridley Scott, it’s fair to say that it’s no Gladiator but we will concentrate on how accurate the movie manages to be whilst also making our usual comments about the entertainment value. It’s also fair to say that audiences liked it a lot more than the critics (72% vs 39% on Rotten Tomatoes).