Planned Episodes

Sunday 25th August: Breaker Morant. Although a more obscure movie, this has been one of the most requested since we first mentioned it. Starring the late Edward Woodward in the title role, it details the alleged war crimes committed by Captain ‘Breaker’ Morant, a naturalised Australian who fought on the British side in South Africa during the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902.

Sunday 8th September: Thirteen Days. Although nearly twenty years old and covering events in 1962, this cold war drama about the Cuban Missile Crisis is disturbingly topical in our current resurgence of political brinksmanship. Our thanks go to listener Ben Robertson who lived through the ’62 crisis and recommended this movie, partly for its enduring relevance.

Sunday 22nd September: Reversal of Fortune. This story has just become topical due to the recent death of socialite Claus von Bulow. Played in the movie by Jeremy Irons, he was accused of murdering his wife, played by the rather wonderful Glen Close.

Sunday 6th October. Made in Dagenham or Norma Rae. Both movies are about women’s fight for equal pay and status in the working place. The former is set in the UK and was released in 2010, the latter set in the US and was released in 1979. We hope to hear from you to help us decide our choice. Polls will be posted closer to the publication date on Twitter and Facebook or you can email us through the website contact page.

Sunday 20th October. First Man. Ryan Gosling stars as Neil Armstrong in this detailed look at the man and his life leading up to the first moon landing.

Sunday 3rd November. Monster. A transformed Charlize Theron stars as American down-and-out Aileen Wuoron who turned her anger at the cards life had dealt into a literally murderous rage. Ms Theron’s performance earned her the Best Actress Oscar and it’s a compelling movie. We will examine how close to the known facts the storyline manages to stay.

Sunday 17th November. It’s another decision between two possible movies; Blackhawk Down or The Highwaymen. Ridley Scott directed the first movie on offer, about the disastrous US Army raid in Mogadishu in 1993. The latter movie stars Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson and is based on the experiences of two retired Texas Rangers who were tasked with hunting down Bonnie and Clyde. We both really liked it but it’s your choice, dear listener(s). Again, closer to the time we will publish polls on Twitter, Facebook or through email.