Planned Episodes

Sunday 13th October. Episode 63: Norma Rae. This 1979 movie stars Sally Field in a role that won her a Best Actress Oscar and really launched her career. She plays Norma Rae, a young woman in a US factory who fights for union recognition against all the odds. Our task will be to see if this superb performance was true to the real events and people involved. 

Sunday 27th October*. Episode 64: First Man. Ryan Gosling stars as Neil Armstrong in this detailed look at the man and his life leading up to the first moon landing.

Sunday 10th November*. Monster. A transformed Charlize Theron stars as American down-and-out Aileen Wuoron who turned her anger at the cards life had dealt into a literally murderous rage. Ms Theron’s performance earned her the Best Actress Oscar and it’s a compelling movie. We will examine how close to the known facts the storyline manages to stay.

Sunday 24th November*. The Highwaymen. This movie stars Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson and is based on the experiences of two retired Texas Rangers who were tasked with hunting down Bonnie and Clyde. Both Andrew and I really enjoyed the movie and will pick up the thread from Andrew’s solo Bonnie & Clyde episode earlier this year. Don’t worry if you voted for Blackhawk Down though as it will be covered early next year. 

*The publication dates may vary if the previous episode(s) ran to more than one broadcast show.