Planned Episodes

Episode 78: Sully. Sunday 9th August 2020*. A disaster is averted as an airliner ditches in the Hudson Bay. Tom Hanks plays the pilot in the title role and for this episode, we are joined once again by Des Latham who is not only the host of the Anglo-Boer War Podcast but also Plane Crash Diaries (and now The Battle of Stalingrad). Des and Martin will put their professional pilot hats on to examine this dramatic event and the movie that tells its story.

Episode 79. Midway. Sunday 23rd August 2020*. The story of this crucial WW2 naval air battle has been projected onto cinema and television screens multiple times over the past 70 years. There are several elements that make this story stand out, not least that it was the first major naval battle in which no-one on board a ship ever saw any enemy ships, all the offensive action being carried out by aircraft. This latest effort has been panned by critics yet seems beloved by audiences. We are joined again by Ray Harris, the host of the History of WW2 Podcast to examine how accurately the movie follows the real events and, of course, we’ll rate it for our perception of its entertainment value. 

Episode 80: Thoughts and Themes 2. This time we will dive into the topical matter of race relations. In the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement gaining global momentum, we look back at a trilogy of movies covered by HbH, dealing with a century of history. Ep 19 Glory, Ep 17 Selma and Ep 19 Hidden Figures and how they dealt with the issue. 

Episode 81. Here come the Girls. It’s time for some gender-balance as we examine two movies that take a feminine perspective for once. Battle of the Sexes portrays the events of a 1973 one-off tennis match between former World No1 Bobby Riggs and Billy Jean King, then the leading female player. Following this and staying with an American sports focus, we will look at A League Of Their Own, telling the tale of an all-female baseball league that ran during WW2. 

Episode 82. Gorillas in the Mist. For this examination of Diane Fossey and her work with gorillas in Africa, we are joined by the Green Screen team of Cody Climer and Sean Munger for a joint episode. We will look at both the movie’s accuracy, the repercussions of Diane Fossey’s work and the environmental issues raised by the movie’s depiction of the events surrounding these magnificent primates. 

Episode 83. The Two Popes. A very contemporary and topical take on the leadership of the Catholic Church with Jonathon Pryce starring as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a senior Argentinian church official, attempting to tend his resignation to Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger, played by Anthony Hopkins. Their discussions, set in a time that saw the Catholic Church wracked by scandals and cover-ups lead to a crucial decision about the direction of the Church; maintain traditional values or accept the need to reform and modernise. 

Episode 84. Just Mercy. We return to our previous themes of racial inequality and injustice with this depiction of the work of Bryan Stevenson, a brilliant civil rights lawyer working in the US who founded the Equal Justice Initiative, a group that has managed to see at least 170 Death Row convictions overturned. This movie shows his defence of Walter McMillian, a man who had been convicted of the murder of a white woman, despite a lack of convincing evidence.  

*Publication dates may vary depending on the number of shows used for the preceding movie episode.