A podcast series that examines the real events and people behind fact-based movies

If you’ve ever watched a movie based on true events and thought “I didn’t know that” or “I wonder if that is how it happened” then this is the podcast series for you

Andrew and Martin first had the idea of such a podcast after a discussion when they were neighbours. The movie that inspired them was Braveheart, an entertaining romp that had proved to be a source of perceived wisdom among many who saw it and yet which was riddled with inaccuracies (see Episode 45).

Many people are happy to watch a movie and whether it is pure fiction, ‘based on a true story’ or claiming to be a true depiction of real people and events, they simply wish to be entertained. We hope and believe that there are also many who wish to know what the real truth is behind the latter two types of films and how accurate are movie-makers’ claims of veracity and that is what we hope to provide.
Our costs are modest and we have no expectation to make any kind of profit from this series but we do have certain hosting, equipment and movie-watching costs so if you do feel that our efforts are worthy of your financial generosity, please click the link below (we know that ‘Buy Now’ should really be replaced by ‘Donation’ but when we try to do this, the whole link breaks down) and know that any contribution, however modest, is truly welcome and greatly appreciated.

Far more importantly, we also gain encouragement, inspiration and a host of movie ideas from listener correspondence so please do get in touch, either through the contact page on this website (link at the top of the page under ‘Contact’), email to hosts@historybyhollywood.com or you can find us at Facebook.com/historybyhollywood and also on Twitter where our handle is @historybyhwood.

Thank you,

Andrew and Martin for HbH

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