Episode 11: Pocahontas

This week we examine Disney’s 1995 animated musical Pocahontas. We are joined by Vincent Schilling, Native American journalist, historical researcher and arts & entertainment editor of the Indian Country Today Media Network for a fascinating perspective on the little-known truth behind the story of Pocahontas and the early English settlement in Virginia

Below is the link to Vincent’s article; well worth a read.


If you’d like to do what we’ve done and follow Vincent on Twitter, just search for @vinceschilling or follow this link: https://www.twitter.com/VinceSchilling

If you’d like to learn more about the First Nation news and articles, you can follow the link below to the ICTMN website below:


Author: History by Hollywood

A podcast series examining the real events and people behind fact-based movies

2 thoughts on “Episode 11: Pocahontas”

  1. Now that I’ve found HBH and love it, I’ve started at the beginning and am making my way through the series. I was interested in reading the article by Vince Schilling, The True Story of Pocahontas. For some reason, the link here at the end of the episode summary doesn’t link to the article; I kept getting an error page. I looked up the article directly, and this link does take you to the article: https://indiancountrytoday.com/archive/the-true-story-of-pocahontas-historical-myths-versus-sad-reality-WRzmVMu47E6Guz0LudQ3QQ.

    Thanks for your broadcasts — they are a lot of fun and very informative!

    Carol Rolnick
    Annapolis, Maryland


    1. Thank you Carol, we really appreciate your words and will, as soon as possible, edit the show notes to include your link to Vincent’s article. We still hope that we will be able to bring him back for 1492: The Discovery as Vincent has some very interesting and unusual things to say about Sr Columbus.


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