Episode 57: The Great Escape

Episode 57: The Great Escape. 1963’s epic war movie has become a classic, loved by many viewers and remembered for some iconic moments, most of them involving Steve McQueen who is arguably one of the coolest actors ever to grace a screen. Based on a book by Paul Brickhill who was a POW in Stalag Luft III when the break-out occurred, we aim to find out how accurately the movie follows the reality of the breakout, the men involved and the details of their various experiences. It’s a big movie so this is a big episode with ups and downs and, no doubt, a few daredevil leaps across the fences of accepted reality (that one was inserted with help from the HbH literary crowbar).

Guy Walter’s book: The Real Great Escape which was our primary source for our research.

Sean Munger’s YouTube episode about Stalag Luft III:

Jens Muller’s account of the escape from one of the three men who made a ‘home run’:

Book about Squadron Leader Frank McKenna, Special Investigation Branch RAF and his hunt for the Great Escape Murderers. (This link is to the UK branch of Amazon but the title and ISBN number can be searched in any country)

Washington Post article about Bob Hoover, the only POW we could find who escaped by stealing an aircraft:

List of the escaping POWs: