Episode 52: The Right Stuff

Episode 52: The Right Stuff. This week we are delighted to be joined by Sean Munger, host of The Second Decade Podcast (link in the show notes on the website historybyhollywood dot com) who grew up on or near USAF bases and brings both historical expertise and a personal aspect to the show. The movie is big, bold and magnificent covering the American efforts to break the sound barrier then launch men into space. The episode is big and we’ll leave you, our dear listeners to choose any other appropriate adjectives. Over two hours but if you enjoy listening half as much as we enjoyed recording…. you know the rest.

Link to Sean Munger’s The Second Decade podcast website. This is as recommended as anything we’ve ever recommended…. so to speak.

Antoher link, this time to Des Latham’s excellent Anglo-Boer War podcast which is as hard hitting as it is entertaining. A playful delivery doesn’t detract from the drama of the conflict. We rather like this!

Episode 18: Apollo 13

Episode 18: Apollo 13. In this week’s episode, we are amazed that Ron Howard’s movie of the dramatic Apollo 13 mission is 22 years old until we realise how young Tom Hanks looks in the film where he plays Jim Lovell, mission commander. Also starring Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton and Ed Harris, we have a close look at just how accurate the movie is to the real life events.

Episode 10: Hidden Figures

This week’s subject is Hidden Figures, the 2016 movie depicting the work of three African-American women working at NASA during the 1960s and intimately involved with the launch of John Glenn in Friendship 7 in an attempt to be the first human to orbit the earth. It’s a wonderful film but how close did director Theodore Melfi manage to keep to the actual facts? That’s our mission in this hour-long episode; we hope you enjoy the journey