Episode 4: 300

Episode 4: 300. This week we examine Zack Snyder’s 300, starring Gerard Butler as King Leonidas, defying the Persian Empire at the head of a small Spartan and Greek force at Thermopylae

Episode 4: 300


Hilarious Helmet Histories take on 300 (with similar conclusions to our own):


Christian Cameron, author of the Long War series of books can be researched at his website here:


Also worth reading is Stephen Pressfield’s historical novel, Gates of Fire. Narrated by a fictional scribe to a Spartan soldier, this is also very well researched and brilliantly written:


And if you’re looking for more podcasts on this period, we cannot recommend highly enough Ryan Stitt’s podcast series on the history of Ancient Greece. Like us, Ryan is not a professional historian although his degree, like our own Andrew’s, is in Ancient History and Classical languages. Give it a try: