Episode 16: Deepwater Horizon

Episode 16: Deepwater Horizon examines the 2016 movie depicting the 2010 Mexican Gulf oil disaster which resulted in 11 fatalities and the worst oil spill in US history. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell and John Malkovich, directed by Peter Berg, this film pulls no punches.

Episode 16: Deepwater Horizon

Episode 15: Good Morning Vietnam

This week we examine 1987’s Good Morning Vietnam, starring Robin Williams as Adrian Cronauer, a USAF DJ serving in Vietnam in 1965. This week’s show features clips from the real Adrian Cronauer telling us how it really was. We hope you enjoy it

Adrian Cronauer on accuracy:

Adrian Cronauer on censorship:

Episode 14: Cleopatra

Episode 14: Cleopatra looks at the 1963 epic, starring Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra who caused a stir at its release due to her affair with co-star Richard Burton (Mark Anthony) but how does it do in historical accuracy? It’s a long show but then it’s a long film. We hope you enjoy it….

Episode 14: Cleopatra

Episode 10: Hidden Figures

This week’s subject is Hidden Figures, the 2016 movie depicting the work of three African-American women working at NASA during the 1960s and intimately involved with the launch of John Glenn in Friendship 7 in an attempt to be the first human to orbit the earth. It’s a wonderful film but how close did director Theodore Melfi manage to keep to the actual facts? That’s our mission in this hour-long episode; we hope you enjoy the journey

Episode 9: Waterloo

This week guest host Cameron Reilly and Martin examine the 1970 epic Waterloo and argue about who actually won the battle.
(There is a stereo split for the first 29 minutes. We hope it’s not too distracting!)

In this week’s show Martin is joined by the Podfather, Cameron Reilly as they examine the 1970 epic Waterloo and argue about who actually won. It’s long but we hope it’s fun

Nick Parkinson provided this link to the article “Why the French think they won the Battle of Waterloo”:


Episode 7: Bridge of Spies

In Episode 7 we examine 2015’s Cold war drama Bridge of Spies, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks

Below is the link to the US Supreme Court’s record of the US vs Abel. The whole document is quite a daunting read but if you skip to page 362 US 242 you will begin with Justice Douglas’ dissenting statement (dissenting from the verdict) followed by Justice Brennan’s and Justice Black’s and they are well worth a read.


The two books used are Strangers on a Bridge by James B Donovan and Bridge of Spies by Giles Whittell

Episode 6: Mutiny on the Bounty

This week we look at the three major movies portraying the events aboard HMS Bounty in 1789 and the conflict between Capt William Bligh and Fletcher Christian. It’s a big episode but we hope you’ll enjoy it

Episode 6: Mutiny on the Bounty

Simone Higgin’s Classic Hollywood MTC Podcast can be found here:



The following links will take you to the UK Amazon Kindle Store but from there you will be able to find other formats for the books and if you live elsewhere, you can copy and title and paste it into your local Amazon site or Google it to find where these books can be obtained. We would highly recommend Caroline Alexander’s book but William Bligh’s own account is also a fascinating read.